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WALK IN PEACE to Dionisio Park -No Longer an Option

Open letter to the Galiano Community from Therah Village 


Many will remember the historical land use issues of the early 1990’s that resulted in all public road accesses to Dionisio Park being cut off.  There has been NO public trail or road access to the Park since at least 1992.


For many, many years, as many of you may also know, Therah Village Community, adjacent to Dionisio Park, has ‘allowed’ people to access the park through Therah, DL. 91 via the old Lighthouse Road trail.  It had been an informal arrangement, used mainly by friends of members. These visitors generally were courteous and respectful, asking permission ahead of time.


Therah has  always recognized the unique geographical position it has and understood the desirability of being able to walk into the officially designated “Marine Access Only “ park.


Increasingly, especially with the advent of GOOGLE MAPS, the general public was led to believe that there were access possibilities along Cook Road and into Dionisio Park along the Lighthouse Road.  Despite the clear mistakes on Google Maps, the public had begun to flood into our community, often meandering up and through member’s home sites and generally disturbing our peace. (N.B. Google Maps IS wrong!)


Over the years, it became apparent that we needed to recognize and manage the issue.  About 2 years ago, the Therah Community collectively decided to allow and direct ‘Trespassing’, making it the trespassers’ responsibility.  So in 2020 we established a Walk in Peace initiative, built a kiosk at our gate, had printed informative brochures with a map available and directed people how and where to park outside out entrance. 


The launch of this new initiative coincided with COVID 19’s arrival.  The public flooded in. Most people were very appreciative, wanted to contribute and thanked us wholeheartedly for the opportunity.  


Unfortunately, problems inevitably arose: erratic inappropriate parking, unleashed dogs, argumentative trespassers, cigarette butts, ongoing lost visitors and increased intrusion on Members’ home sites. In addition, we were informed by our insurers that there were serious liability issues arising from allowing the public to access Dionisio Park through our land.


Sadly our generosity has exceeded our ability to manage this issue.


So, we  have to retract the invitation to trespass and access Dionisio Park through Therah Village lands.


Henceforth, access of any kind to Dionisio through Therah lands will be limited to MEMBERS AND GUESTS ONLY.


For information about other options to get to Dionisio Park, please refer to the BC Parks website.

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