Accessing Dionisio Marine Park

(as posted at the therah entrance):

Walk in Peace


As you pass through the Therah gate, please take a moment to notice that you are entering private property. Since you are now deciding to trespass, we are obliged to inform you that you enter our property at your own risk. You are welcome to enjoy this place. We urge you to please respect the integrity of land and community, and do not endanger it in any way. Dogs must be leashed at all times. 


Fire of any kind is strictly prohibited at all times. 

(This includes: smoking, vaping, cookstoves, candles, etc.) 


The historic Lighthouse Road is now a coastal forest path, maintained by Therah, leading to Dionisio Point Provincial Park.  Robert’s Road is for residential use only: please respect our privacy and do not trespass. 


Therah Village is an intentional community established in 1982. We strive to live in peace and harmony and in a way that helps to sustain and preserve this beautiful and rare biosphere. These wetlands and rainforest are sanctuary to many species of migratory birds, unique plants and animals. 


Therah Village maintains the roads and attends to the conservation of the forest land that we are privileged to inhabit.   If you would like to contribute, donations are gratefully accepted to keep this path open for all who Walk in Peace. 


For more information or to donate, please contact our business manager.

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